Keystone Catfishing November 27, 2010

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Fished with Brian, Mark, Mason and Ron today. Some of these boys is from Utah and a couple of them are from here. We had a pretty great day .. started off and we had motor trouble ... thought it was the fuel but then Ron said hey ... what's that stickin outta there and it was my alternator belt that had broken ..luckily I have my feathers numbered for just such an emergency and had a spare belt. So we went fishin and found it tough to find any fish under 30 inches ... 6 of the first 7 fish were over 30 inches so we had to start turning them back pretty quick. we caught somewhere around 15 today.

Mark with the biggun of the day at 16 lbs

Brian with a 13 lb'r

Ron with a nice 11 lb fish

Mason with a 13

Mark with another about 12 lbs'

Ron with one about 8 lbs

Another 13 lb'r Mason caught