Tiny's Catfishing November 28, 2014

Tiny's Guide Service

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Breakaway Competition/Fishing Surf Rods

Did a learning trip with Eric. Worked on everything such as fish location plum to rig tying and we caught some fish in between. Fish seemed a little shut off as the bigguns wouldn't bite at all down in the deeper water. I told Eric we got a choice ... we can go shallower and target the more active biggerns or we can stay down here where there's more fish and it won't be quite so boring as there's a lot more fish down here and he allowed he wanted to stay busy more so than wait on a biggern or two. We were out there just for learning anyhow as he didn't want to keep many fish ... we threw back all but a few. Caught around 30 fish total with the biggest being almost 10 lbs


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