Keystone Catfishing November 29, 2012

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Today was a crazy day, once again. Catching 45+ fish. Tiny was tuckered out by the end of the day. Fished with Father/son Team, Brad and Floyd and had a world beater day. They ended up with about 10 gallons of fillets .. 2 of which Tiny took home. We caught so many around 10 lb that I quit taking pics of them early on and the biggest was 20 lbs with two around 15 and another 18 lb'r.  We ran out of receptacles to put fish in as the livewell was full about 2 hours into the trip and a 20 gallon tub filled up so we ended up putting the last 5 or 6 in my 5 gallon bucket. I've had several trips this month that's been well over 200 lbs of fish.  Today we ended up with around 350 lbs or more. We worked the Arkansas River side of the lake from 2 ft deep all the way to 40 ft deep and caught fish like crazy on every stop save one. I forgot to turn off the side imaging so I messed that spot up as those side imaging sonars run the fish off pretty quickly if you don't turn them off when you anchor.

First nice fish of the day at 10 lbs

Next one Brad caught was 18 lbs

Then Floyd got himself a 15 lb'r

Brad with another close to 15

Here's the 20 lb'r

Now I think we almost caught a mess of fish, hahaha ... fish all over the floor and the 20 Gallon tub is full and
about 3 or 4 in the five gallon bucket. You could imagine the fun I had cleaning all of those fish. hahaha.
I gotta quit using those Team catfish circle hooks ... they're workin' me to death.