Tiny's Catfishing November 29, 2013

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Fished with Rick Aikman and family today. Rick brought his boat and carried his dad Charles and brother Curt. I had Rick's Nephews, Nick and his wife Jamie and Chad. We had one of those world beater days today... we turned back over fifteen. I wrote down 14 of the weights that we released. 36.9 - 23 - 16.9 - 21.7 - 26 - 21 - 19.6 - 19.2 - 23 - 26 - 24.10 - 18.4 - 27 and one of many 15 lb'rs. I missed a few of them, I'm sure but as you can see it was a killer fishing trip.

Jamie with the first nice one about 12 lbs

Nick with a 13 lb albino he'd caught

Nick with the biggest of the day at 36 lbs 9oz

Chad with a 23 lb'r ... notice the indentions on it's forehead on both sides
He actually caught this fish again later on in the day ... I was trippin

Jamie and Chad with a double. Chad's was the 23 lb'r he'd caught earlier and caught again just now

Nick and Chad on a 20 lb plus double

Jamie and her 24.10 lb'r


27 lb'r

Rick and Charles .. father and son one a double 28 lb and a 34 lb