Tiny's Catfishing November 29, 2014

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Fished with the Pendergraph family today, Birthday boy Bubby and Son Terry, daughters Donna and Kim. We caught over 300 lbs today with the biggest being 35 and 24. Turned back 7 bigguns from 14 to 35 lbs. Poor Donna was in the hotseat today as Tiny tends to mess with folks and picks on the most amiable one so Donna was IT! hehehe ... I'd do this with lots of people when I'd state a fact or divulge some pertinent info and someone would reply "Really!!!" I'd say nah, I was just lying. hahaha ... well Donna didn't learn on the first 3 or 4 "Really's!!!" and about the 4th one she said "Really!!! ... Oh Sh*t I said it again!!!" then later I heard Terry say to his dad "Really!!" and I wispered to Donna ... Hey,, Terry said "Really" and when I was driving home I got about half way and smiled thinking ... now that woulda been really funny if Bubby would have said "Nah, I was just lying!" hahaha. Then I also smiled bout Donna ... she's probably never going to be able to say "Really" again without thinking of Tiny and our fishing trip for the rest of her days. hahaha. Another thing that happened was Donna offered me a banana right when we started and I got a cold chill up my spine saying "you didn't bring nanners out here did ya " yes we did ... I said "ya'll need to get rid of them suckers ... eat um or something and then I told um bout all the bad stuff that the nanner effect has had on me in the past ... they didn't just bring a few ... they ate some and started throwing them overboard and they'd brought a whole dadburned bushel basket of them suckers ... boy was Tiny breathed a sigh of relief thinking he'd dodged a major nanner bullet just then ... seen what devastating effects just one nanner has had on a fishing trip ... no telling what that whole bunch woulda done ... someone might have perished or maybe all of us ... PHEW!!!! got cold chills again just writing about it.

Donna with the biggun of the day at 35 lbs

Kimberly with a nice one about 10

Terry with his biggun of the day at 24 lbs

Bubby with his biggun of the day at 18 lbs


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