Nov 20th pictures

"chicilin" Isreal and Pablo came fishin again and we hooked up on a lot of nice fish tonight. Had to switch to small hooks and fillets to get them to bite good. The fish were picking up and dropping the baits with larger hooks and I couldn't hook any with the 5/0 baitholders and heads ... switched to some small circle type hooks ... smaller than a dime and started nailing them fast with the small hooks and shad fillets. This happens pretty regularly at keystone dam and the tiny hook seems to solve the problems setting the hook on them. I had a 5/0 baitholder on my other rod I was using and never caught one fish on it ... several bites but it seemed like they let go of it just as soon as they hit. So, if you're getting a lot of good strong hits and not hooking the fish try a smaller hook.

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This is the type and size hook I switched to that made a big difference
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