Nov 9th pictures

6# blue
33# spoonbill
This is Gary ... I was reeling in after missing a good hit from a fish and then I ran into something .. it pulled back really hard and I instantly knew I'd hooked a spoonbill .... I looked over at Gary and said hey ... you want to reel this fish in ... he answered pretty quickly and said SURE! ... little did he know he'd just been conned into fishting with that spoony saving me the trouble. It gave Gary a run for his money though as the spoonie stripped a lot of line several times ... I'd hooked him in the tail so it was pretty tough to get in on 17# test... I also got him to reel in a gar as well ... I'm so bad aren't I. I thought the second one was a blue though ... I seen him reeling the gar in and said HEY ... WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA REELING A GAR IN ON MY FISHIN POLE?. hahaha like he had a choice as I'd already hooked the fish. Gary brought his digital camera ... that's how I was able to get these photos on here the same day ... Thanks Gary. I gotta get me one of those.