Oct 1, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Fishing with Franklin, Flash and Bryan tonight on the Arkansas arm of Keystone. We caught 14 fish all together with 4 of them in the 6 to 8 lb range and one that was 14 lbs 14 oz .. the rest were around 3 lbs or so. The bait was shad heads.

"The Flash" with the first nice one. I forgot what it weighed .. I think it was 7.14. Ole Flash here never would tell me how he got his handle but it sure was fun messin with him all night ... he was messin with me too but I sure was worried I wasn't gonna have anyone to harass this evening but when he told me his name was flash then I knew who was in the barrel tonight. He's a dentist and I asked him how much he charged for fillings and he looks at me like uh .... uh ... and the look on his face said I don't want to see what you got in that mouth ... cant' say I blame him none cause if I was a dentist I'd charge me double just fer lookin. hahaha
We were a little worried that Franklin wasn't gonna save gettin whacked but he finally boated this nice blue.
Bryan hooked into a biggun when we first got out there and it came unbuttoned on him and he caught all kinds of static over that from all three of us. Remember that time when that one came unbuttoned, Bryan? hahaha. Anyhow he pulled this 14.14 in to redeem himself. I don't remember what brought this up but I think we gave Bryan a new nickname ... I'm gonna start callin him Clicker ... oh now I remember he set the hook on one without engaging the reel and that clicker went WEEEEEEEEE EEERRRRRR. I thought sure that reel was backlashed plum to the hub but it wasn't ... seems like the name "Clicker" fits him real good too.
Then Franklin defiles the catfishin boat with this mess he brought into the boat. I was sittin there with my head in my hands wondering what the world was coming to. Armageddon is at hand!!!