Keystone Catfishing Oct 1st, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Steve and his son Phillip Johnson today. Had a pretty good day with over two limits of fish. I cleaned 29 with the biggest near 8 lbs and the smallest a under 2 lbs. We threw back about 5 or 6. I don't remember the last time that we'd caught this many fish without catching at least one over 10 lbs but we done it today. Lots of gar, striper and sandbass working just everywhere. Kept Tiny humpin to keep bait on the rods and we ran out of bait right there about 3:45pm. It was pretty dead early as the wind was dead calm but after the wind picked up a little they turned on pretty good. Cut shad seemed to be working best ... we only caught a few on cut bluegill. Tried a few live shad but they got nailed by things other than catfish. water temp was about 77. wind out of the east. I was messing with Phillip pretty good today ... his father would catch a 3 lb'r and I'd say that one should go about 10 or so. Then Phillip would catch one about 7 and I'd say that one is every bit of 3 lbs..... 3 lbs if he's an ounce. hahaha. Didn't seem like we got any current today. There may have been but if there was it was really slow moving. Most fish came from about 13 ft of water.

Steve Johnson on the left and his son Phillip on the right. The fish were all over the bottom of the boat and some back in the livewell already before I remembered to snap the photo. Nice Job Guys!