Keystone Catfishing October 2, 2010

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A Catfishing Family Affair. Fished with grandfather Ken, Father Barry, Daughter Victoria and Son Andrew. Had a great day even though the wind was blowing like crazy making it hard to see the bites that were coming towards the boat. We caught 21 fish all together and it was about 150 lbs ... we figured it up and that was about a 7 lbs average. Victoria caught the biggun of the day at 18 lbs but Andrew caught most of the others that were over 10 lbs each.

Andrew with the first nice one of the day at 8 lbs

Another nice one about 13 lbs

Victoria with the biggun of the day at 18 lbs

Andrew with another nice one at 13+

Got Barry with a fish that was 9 lbs

Andrew with another about 11 lbs