Tiny's Catfishing Photos October 3, 2015

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Fished with James, Sean, Jon Sr and Jon Jr. today. Had another pretty great day minus a juglinging encroacher whom thought he could spread jugs on top of our lines. Sean and I went at each other again in classic form but true to form like I asked him to do, he began the assault and started to let up some and then I reminded him he needed to continue else I wouldn't be fit for nuttin. So he insulted me some and said hey... you ain't got these rods on the other side of the boat out yet... I was at the time trying to keep up with the bites on the right side .. I'd throw one or two out then we'd get bit on both of them and I hadn't caught up yet ... I said how did you guys find out about me ... they said so n so told us about ya ... remind me to ban them suckers... hahahaha ... everyone blew up laughing.

In the first few minutes of the second stop we landed this triple.
James, Sean. and Jon Jr.


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