Keystone Catfishing October 6, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with the guys from Marine Plus today along with Jean and their friend, Pat. We got around kinda late as Roy's bait tank would work so we hadda work on the pump and wiring but finally got it. We started fishing about 1pm and quit around 5pm. We caught 9 or 10 fish that averaged around 10 lbs each and missed a few others ... Pat had a broken tip top guide that cut his line when he had a good fish on and lost him right by the boat. Then his line kept cutting with just the slightest pressure and we seen the tip top had a busted insert ... this was the first time these rods that Pat had gotten had been used too. Had a great time fishin out of Pat's boat but we didn't have a working fish finder or nuttin so ole Tiny had to use his spidey ... or fishey senses in order to locate um. hahaha ... did alright too.

Pat with the first fish of the day at 12+

Jean with a 10+ of her own

Pat's was the biggest of the day at 15+

Gerald with a nice 8+ fish

Total catch of the day for about 4 hours fishin