Kaw Catfishing October 6, 2012

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Fished with some great guys from Vietnam by way of Norman, OK. Son, Anh, Dung and Duc, They're going to school at OU and what a time we had today. I asked them to teach me a little Vietnamese and I think they got a kick out of Tiny struggling to try to pronounce some of it but I'm not sure. First thing I said I wanted to know is how to you say "how do you say" that was a little confusing cause I said it just like that ... how do you say "how do you say" in Vietnamese ... hahaha. That is pronounced something like (naught-a-now) and "be aggressive" and they didn't have a phrase for that so the closest they could come up with was "blood up" meaning get your blood worked up or high blood pressure which sounds like (mow lin) but the funniest thing that was said was when we first introduced ourselves to one another I asked "what language do ya'll speak" and Son looked at me like that was a dumb question and his reply was "English!" hahaha We ended up catching 23 fish with the biggest one at 19 lbs. The east wind was tough on us today but we managed to figure them out after a little while.

Dung (pronounced Zoong) with a nice blue to start off the day

Duc with a nice one about 6 lbs

Son with one bout 5 or 6 lbs

Duc and a 9 lb'r

Anh with the biggun of the day at 19 lbs

Total of 23 at a weight of about 140 lbs all together