Keystone Catfishing October 8, 2011

Tiny's Guide Service

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Marine Plus Parts @ Stillwater, OK
Breakaway Competition/Fishing Surf Rods

tell ya little  story bout a man named Tiny. He had a  bad couple weeks where his bladder tank T-manifold sprung a leak on his water well and when he tried to get the T off it busted the bottom of the bladder tank, then his hot water tank sprang a leak the next day.  Batteries went out on his boat. That's about $1000 so far. Then Dobrinski Chevrolet in Kingfisher, OK ripped him off for over 5k, and he thought his bad luck was over but then someone ripped the bumper off his new truck and tore up his right rear fender and didn't own up to it leaving Tiny holding the bag. He knew who did it but considered these folks his friends but decided he'd try to figure out how to fix it himself even though he had full coverage insurance, can't afford for my insurance to go up. Decided instead to go to the pawn shop and hock a bunch of his stuff in order to pay for the damage and then hope he'd be able to get his stuff back out of hock later on. Got the estimate today and it's a lot higher than I thought it'd be ... $2,600+ Tiny don't got that much hockable stuff ;/

one month and a week old



Carter, James and Tom