Tiny's Catfishing Photos October 8, 2016

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The new word of the day is "Undulate" Diana told me that it was her daddy's word when she fished with him using chicken livers ... he said ya throw out and you let the chicken liver undulate until the channelcat can't resist and they nail it. ... or some such like that ... I called B.S. because that's not a word ... as luck would have it ... the only time in the last 8 or so years I've been fishin Kaw that internet was available she asked her google voice text ... what does undulate mean.... this is what google said "

to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement:

The flag undulates in the breeze."

now I'm freakin out because google actually worked on Kaw lake on top of finding out the definition of undulate ... so undulate became the word of the day and saying stuff like maybe our bait ain't undulating properly .... or Chris' ain't undulating the rod properly ... etc etc. A little later a fish hits super hard then turns and runs towards the boat like crazy and i'm saying to Chris ... GO ... GO ... GOOOOO .... are you undastandink de wooids what coming out my mouth!!!!! because when I was saying go go go ... he just sat there looking at his rod tip and not doing anything. he then says ... I was thinking that ... since I've been out here fishing for bluecat all day long that I knew what the hell I was doing ,,, dammit.... I about wet myself laughing so hard ... nerves were pinching in my back as every time I giggled the pain in my ribs shot through me like slamming my funny bone on a desk except it was in my ribs instead of my forearm..... so your vast experience of 4 hours of bluecat fishing overrode my guiding experience of the last 11 years when I wanted you to reel the slack up when  the fish is running towards the boat.... EXACTLY!!! OMG ... I about wet myself again. laughing so hard that i was about to go into a pain coma. and I'm like ... "I digress and bend to the will of your vast experience of bluecat fishing for the last 4 hours... HAHAHAHAHAHA. We had so much fun on this trip it was almost criminal. I ain't kiddin neaner!!!

Diana with the monster of the day .... Moby Fingerling

Jolene with her biggun of the day at 11 lbs 7oz

Bob wrestling this unruly monster into submission

Diana with her biggun of the day ... about a 10 lb channelcat

This is our resident expert Chris in an action shot


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