Oct 1, 1999 catfishing pictures

Tiny holding two blues caught on fresh shad heads on Oct 1, 1999. Don't know the weight 34.5 and 33 inches. Caught 12 fish total this night and gave 5 that equaled about 30 lbs to some nice ladies I met at my fishin hole. They helped me net all the fish and reeled one in. I lost 4 big ones tonight in the rocks due to being tired and couldn't keep up with them when they'd run towards me. Couldn't keep them up and they got me hung up in the rocks. I was reeling for all I was worth too. I used these fish to demo some cleaning tips also ... took me about 5 minutes to fillet and "skin" these Cleaning Tips.

These are all just different pictures of the same 3 fish ... just different views

These are my twins ... I used these two rods 13'4" Lamiglas baitcaster rods and Ambassedor 7000 C3's using 15# Trilene Big Game (don't recomend this type line) if you stretch it it doesn't seem like it takes much to break it after that and 17# USA1 Shakespear main line (good line for keystone dam) and a 40# Ande shock line about 25'. 2/0 octopus hooks and 1/0 eagle claw baitholder hooks. Either one works well, and 5oz sinkers. I caught all 12 fish tonight using this type rig ... fish were biting so fast I couldn't hardly keep both rods in use ... was reeling one in two times and the other rod would get a fish on.