Keystone Catfishing Oct 10th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Dennis and James again today. I think they missed out on the last trip because I thought I'd explained a bunch of stuff that they didn't hear of until this trip and James was aghast when I said something about whacking him with the boat oar .... he was nervous as an old tom cat on a fence rail above a dog pound after he heard about the boat oar whacking thing. Every once in a whilst I'd look over at him and make a subtle motion towards the boat oar (like a subliminal message) and it was like his ole hair would stood up on hackle's end. I think what actually happened was, they were abducted by them dadburnt aliens prior to reaching Appalachia Bay that day and I was actually fishing with Aliens that day and they in turn implanted false memories of some details of fishing but left out a lot of stuff. hahaha. Oh, Dennis smoked James again at the fishing ... seems like James is always on the wrong side of the boat too ... poor feller ... even the alien james was stuck on the wrong side of the boat cause he didn't fair any better. He was always catching those tasty fishes ... he finally just accepted the futility of the whole thing and then allowed that's what he wanted was the little tasty ones instead of the big ugly nasty tasting ones. He mentioned something about that last trip ... allowed that he heard that the smaller fish are the best tasting ones and I explained to him that it was doughbaiters that say that cause that's all they catch are little ones then they allow how that's the ones they go after because they taste better and I pointed out that they say that just because they've never caught a biggun so they have no idea how the bigguns taste ... if they did they wouldn't say that because they taste exactly the same and the bigger flathead taste even better when they're a little bigger than normal ... so now James has adopted the theory as well since he's only been catching the little ones ... he says "hey .... these taste better than those bigguns!!!" <--- notice the three exclamation points. that's how exuberant he is about it now ... those little tasty ones are the ones he's targeting from now on. (author note: ya'll know I'm just making this up don't ya? .... well parts of it I am hahahaha ... but which parts .... this is for you to figure out.) We had a pretty good day and quit early as it started getting a little hot out there ... I think we may have gotten about 4 hours fishing in and caught 16 fish ... biggest was 7.1 lbs with quite a few around 5 to 6 lbs. The front had them a little slow but they are fixing to start picking up pretty good as the water is cooling down some now. It was 74 degrees in some spots to 77 degrees ... cut shad and cut bluegill for bait. Some dude circled our boat today just about the time I'd gotten all the rods out with fresh bait on just about where I'd thrown all the rods ... he ran over or close to about 5 or 6 of the rods ... not sure what he thought he was doing but that stuff ain't cool. He just headed straight for us idling up to us then circled us then went back south after he'd buzzed us. Kinda weird. Had that happen before though.

Dennis Jones with a 7 lb 1oz blue.

Pretty good mess of fish, we were on schedule for about 70 to 80 lbs today if we'd have fished the full 6 hours.