Keystone Catfishing October 10, 2009

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Pardon my French but we Kicked @$$ and took names today. Fished with Lucius and Mike today from up at Owasso and Broken Arrow. It started out pretty nice on the weather but when the wind kicked up it got cold. The fishing kept it bearable as we stayed pretty busy. Ended up with 27 total for the day between 18 and 3 lbs.

Lou with a nice blue, his first of the day

Here's an action shot of the first double, we got two doubles and a triple today

This was our catch about mid way through the fishing trip. We caught 12 more after this photo

Mike with another nice fish, 8+ lbs

Here's an action shot of the triple, another rod took off over on the right side of the boat
I went over and set the hook on it and then felt that it was a biggun and I waited on Mike to get the little one landed
then handed the rod off to him with the biggun on

Here's the triple, the biggun was 18 lbs, the middle one was 11 lbs and the small one was 3

Here's another shot of Mike's 18 lb'r

Here's the two bigguns of the triple in another shot