Oct 1, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

I went fishing by myself today ... the highlight of the day was when I was catching bait ... I was catching bluegill from a farm pond over on 33 highway today and I hooked into something that was monsterous big. I had 6 lb test line on that little ultra light spinning rod and the battle was on. 30 to 40 minute battle ... longest I'd fought a fish since the 80 lb spoonbill I'd hooked on 14 lb test at about 225 yds out. I was thinking I'd hooked a flathead but then I thought nah ... there's too many bluegill in here to have any flathead in it ... then I started thinkin "WORLD RECORD LARGE MOUTH" then I thought nah ... then I seen it's side .. it was kinda white looking and it about about 3 ft long ... it was a monster!!!! especially on ultralite gear ... I was thinkin this IS a largemouth ... I could see my name in lights on the bass fishin sites ... NEW WORLD RECORD LARGE MOUTH!!! Caught on a jig tipped with a regular old earthworm and cheesy little bobber using a cheapo walmart rod and reel and 6 lb test! ... I was makin up little "in your face" ryhmes for all them high powered bass fishermen .... I'm all sweaty and smelly ... but I caught this one, Ioconelli! .... smell what tiny's fixin .... it's the world record largemouth, Larry Nixon! ... I was havin a party and this sucker still ain't worn down much ... I started out dry but by the time I got a good look at it I was up to my knees in the water. It made no telling how many runs and all over that little pond ... back n forth ... up n down ... sider ways and the other ways ... then I seen it. It was one of those Asian grass carps like them farmers put in their ponds to eat the moss ... I got this puzzled look on my face and thought "well I'll be dipped! I didn't think those things was omnivorous... I didn't think you could catch them on rod n reel like that but I guess you learn something new every day. Made my day before I ever went fishin hahaha. I got it hauled up on shore and I had a delima but it only lasted a few seconds ... carp is one of my favorite baits and this was a golden opportunity even though it wasn't the same species of carp I normally use it should work just as well ... then my reasoning took hold and I knew that the farmer had put those in there for a reason so I wasn't gonna take it outta the pond or harm it in any way ... I thought my buddies would like to see a pic of this and faced with dragging it up further on shore and risking injury ... carp are notorouos about ripping their gill plates if you pick them up by it so I just left it lay there ... looked like it was pretty worn out so I ran back to ... well I walked fast back to the truck and got my camera and by the time I'd gotten back it had flipped back into the water. ... I took a pic of the impression it made in the water grass though hahaha.

This is the depression in the watergrass that was left by about a 3 ft asian grass carp.
Went flathead fishin today but the bluecat and channels wouldn't leave my bluegill alone ... caught this 17 lb 13 oz blue on a live bluegill. caught 9 others but they was between 4 and 5 lbs ... all caught on live shad and live bluegill.