Keystone Catfishing Oct 12th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Rick Scheid and his father Glenn and Rick's son Daniel wuz a trip, now! Lemme Tell ya what! Now I'm not sure if I can explain this correctly but it was just as funny as it coulda been ... Ole Rick pulled up an air ball when he tried to set the hook on a fish and then he looked at his son and said (not in a mean way) "daniel ... now you're gonna have to watch your rods so we can tend to our's over here!" hahaha ... I said hey now ... wait a minute ... hold the bus ... I was laughin too when I said this ... now that boy had nothing to did witz you missun that thar fish what you just missededed hahaha ... that beat anything Ah never helt felt or smelt hahaha. Ole rick was laughin too as it did seem like he correlated that miss with Daniel not watching his rods when I said "hold the bus" and Daniel was looking confused like ... what ya'll laughin at ... I think Glenn was about to bust a gut too hahaha ... ole Rick was getting flustered at the taps those little ones was doin and he'd jump up and I'd say now hold up there, Dawg ... we ain't after them little uns. and it didn't matter ... if the rod jiggled Rick was on the rail ready to pounce ... I told him he'd been bluegill fishin too much or something cause he's just too excitable or something ... then he did something I'd never even seen ... Carp catchin on cut shad ... now I've seen that happen once or twice in maybe 5 or 6 years ... carp are omnivores but Ole Ricky done went and jumped up an caught two carp in a row on cut shad ... bigguns too ... one was over 15 lbs and the other one was over 10 lbs. We turned um loose because I'd already caught a smallmouth buffalo that morning so we were all set on cut bait along with our shad and bluegill. Then Rick's dad got a little miffed I think ... he hung into a biggun ... near 15 lbs and it went under the boat and got wrapped around the boat anchor rope and Glenn was sitting there spinning his wheels cranking the reel and the drag was slipping, and we didn't have near 50 lbs of fish in the boat yet and we needed that one for sure as we were getting on the back side of the fishing trip ... the second half was starting and we ain't got 50 lbs in the boat so I said let me get it ... I took the rod and pulled a mighty tiny steroid jerk on it and it came unglued from the anchor rope ... I even pulled the anchor up when I did it and the boat got all whopperjawed on us and we was pointed east but then when the anchor come up we was then pointed north with all the rods kinda wrapped around the anchor rope in the front of the boat but Glenn didn't want to take the pic of the fish as he felt like I'd caught it but he actually did all the reeling and fighting as the fish was at the boat so he deserves the credit for catching the fish ... I was just the one what got it unhung from the anchor rope as Glenn was cranking and the anchor rope was being pulled under the boat with the fish on it and this was after it'd went under the boat and almost jerked the rod outta Glenn's hands and the rod butt just barely missed his chin when it flipped up ... I knowed it was a biggun when it done that. I didn't have to crank on the reel any cause the fish was just right there at the boat ... just hadda pick it up some so Rick could net it. Daniel caught the most fish I think and Rick got confused as to what we were after there for a little bit ... Rick caught two pretty nice striper, One Drum, Two carp and a dadburnt Softshell Turtle hahaha ... we ended up with 16 catfish I think and two striper... biggest was 15 lbs ... it was actually 14 something but I forgot what it was. It was a really great day ... lots of laughing and cuttin up but we couldn't make it to where I wanted to go cause there was some knotheads that looked like they were shooting fish with high powered rifles up by the bridge ... we backed away from that deal and got outta there instead of trying to get on up to where I wanted to get to .... it was an eventful day with really great weather and good company.

Glenn Caught the biggest fish of the day at almost 15 lbs. Tiny assisted only

This is where ole Rick was getting confused as to what we were after ... he was actually confused before this with two carp and a drum too hahaha. It was fun ribbing him about it too. Rick caught several cats too. He asked me not to mention all the fish he missed today so I won't say nuttin bout that hahaha.

Rick was so happy to see a catfish come in on his line that he actually smooched that slimey rascal ... eeewwwwww

Dr. Daniel Scheid, with a nice one he'd caught ... Danny actually caught the most I think ... he was awarded a Doctorate degree at the end of the fishing trip I didn't think about getting a picture of that though ... maybe Rick can take a pic of it and send it so I can include it on the page.

Total catch today, 16 cats, 2 striper, 2 carp, one drum and a softshell turtle.
It was a really great day with really fun people to fish with.

Here's the Degree that Danny got, or should I say Dr. Danny