Keystone Catfishing October 12, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Gregston family today. Mike, Chris, Hanna and Gage. water temp is still above 70 and the fish aren't feeding very aggressively ... we found plenty of big fish but none of those were biting. Wind was howling pretty much all day long. Today Gage was reeling in the biggun of the day and it was really funny ... he was crankin that 11+ fish in and he was really looking like a master fisherman and then dad was helping him there at the last of the battle by holding up the rod for him and then that rascal slapped that big ole tail on top of the water and Gage looked like the RoadRunner and I even heard that ricochette sound when he took off .... PaaaatCHOOOOWWWW. he left mike and myself holding the bag when that tail popped he was the only one of us three that didn't get water splashed on him. hahaha. He looked like a blur when he took off to the other side of the boat. hahaha .. smart kid!

Here's one that dad, Mike caught at about 6 lbs

Then Mom, Chris caught one about 4.5 lbs

Here's a Gregston Family shot after Dad catches another one

Hanna in an action shot reeling in a channelcat all by herself

And here's her fish she was reeling in ... a really nice channelcat

Here's Gage with the biggest of the day that I was tellin you about at 11.1 lbs.
Dadburned thing was almost as big as he is

Here's Hanna with another nice blue that she'd caught.