Keystone Catfishing October 14, 2012

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with Alan and his wife Lael along with an old friend Lloyd. Lloyd's been out with me before with his daughters Kelsey and Hanna... they're the ones what nicknamed Tiny as Tineesha. :/ hahaha. Alan and Lael's also been out with me before. We worked um over good on Keystone today catching about 37 total. Biggest was 15 lbs. Lael was messin with me all day too ... I'd try to explain something and one subject was about excessive slack usually means a fish hit and moved towards the boat ... so then guess what .... she became the "Slack Monitor" first thing was to take all the slack out of my lines ... I'm like no ... these rigs won't work unless they got slack in um .... "excessive slack" I say and then every couple of minutes she says is that excessive slack? NO!!!! hahaha Is that excessive slack ... but Lael ... I just now threw that one out and just sat it in the rod holder so no ... what about... then I pull my electronic remote out of my pocket and click it at her ... wasn't really knowing what I wanted the clicker to do but nothing changed anyhow.... hahahaha. What a great day... someone finally got the best of ole Tiny. hahaha

Lloyd with the first nice one of the day

Lael with a nice one

Alan with a nice one

Lael with the biggun of the day