Keystone Catfishing October 15, 2009

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Went fishing with my cousin today. We got to the ramp a little late today and seen some ole boys having trouble with their boat and naturally Roy had to fix it for them so as Roy was working on their boat I went and caught shad and got back and we got started about noon. We had a blast. I didn't have to reel in but two fish which gave me quite a bit of endurance hahaha. We caught so many doubles that I don't remember how many there were and one triple. When we'd get a double on I'd go ahead and pick up the pole and set the hook so that Roy could reel it the rest of the way in but there were two that I had to reel in as the ones Roy was dealing with was too big and he was struggling to get them in the net by himself and hold the pole at the same time. hahaha. We ended up with 28 and they all averaged almost 8 lbs. Lots of 10 lb'rs today. I think when I said let's call it a day ole Roy was pooped. We quit right around 5:30 so that I could get home and be able to get up and go again in the morning.

Roy with a 10 lb blue, first fish of the day

12+ lbs

Had to stop fishing after about 2 hours and clean fish so we'd have room in the livewell for more fish
There was 16 fish at this point, there's a few in the livewell that I'd already thrown back in after cutting their gills

13 lb blue

18.5 lbs