Keystone Catfishing Oct 16th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with my cousin Roy, George and Gerald from up Stillwater. It was a great day... lots of fog this morning but it cleared off after a while. made the trip pretty interesting though ... visibility was very low .. maybe 50 yds in places. we caught 25 cats and 3 striper. cut and live shad and cut and live bluegill. water temp was 67 degrees today and the fish are really fixin to turn on hard once the water cools just a little bit more. The striper we caught today was really poor looking ... didn't look to have much body weight at all ... if they'd have been filled out they'd have weighed quite a bit but I think the biggest weight wise was 6.8 lbs ... long and skinny is what they were ... biggest cat was 11 lbs 8 oz. several between 6 and 8 lbs too. This was a day-off for me as it was just a fun trip with relatives and it was just a bonus to catch some nice fish. lots of laughing and cutting up ... I gave roy a wet willy and also a shad down the butt crack hahaha... he repaid me with several shad down my britches. but I ended up winning the harassment contest ... I won't say how but just trust me ... I WON!!! hahaha. Here's the pics for the day ... biggest blue is the top photo... Roy caught it.

Gerald with a pretty nice striper 5.4 lbs

Gerald with one of the cats he'd caught ... bout 7 lbs

George with a monster cat. hahaha.

Gerald with a long skinny striper. 6 lbs 5 oz

George and Gerald with a double.

George with his Striper for the day.