Keystone Catfishing October 16, 2009

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We had a great day of fishing today. Fished with Mike and his son, Chad and their fishin buddy, Damian. Water temp was 53 today. We ended up with 30 fish for the day and we caught all of them on fresh cut bait. It was a lot of fun giving these guys a bad time and they was messin with me also. I got some funny stories to tell about this trip but I can't tell them without sounding kind of mean and ornery but some of it was so funny that I laughed hard enough that I blew several booger bubbles today. hahaha. You just hadda been there, bah Gawd!

Damian with about a 10+
I've forgotten what everything weighed but all the fish
we took pictures of was about 10 lbs or better, caught too many to keep up with the weights

Damian with another nice one

Here's Chad with his first nice one of the day

Here's our catch about half way through the trip, had to stop and clean fish to make room

Chad's father, Mike getting a good one

Chad caught the biggun of the day at 16+ lbs