Keystone Catfishing October 16, 2010

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Fished with Charles and Carson Silk today along with Tooter and Matt. I had to have Tooter tell me his name several times when we first met this morning because I couldn't believe I was hearing that. I kinda grinned and said ... I know who I'm picking on today. hahaha ... turned out that Matt caught more from me than Tooter did hehehe. It really started out kinda odd today. First off ... I met a covey of Deer right before we got to Kaw city and I was going kinda slow and wasn't in any danger of running into any but I started tooting my horn at them ... usually deer will kick it into passing gear and turn on the afterburners when you blast a horn at them when you're only a few feet away from them ... there was about 7 to 10 in this covey and they all acted like ... cool ... tiny's blowing his horn at us and they just kept frolicking along like look at us flag our tails at ya na na na na na nya! then we get out and start fishing and we gather us up an entourage of one little mud hen ... we made about three moves and that sucker followed us to all three stops ... that was odd ... then the day ended up being pretty costly for me because when I was cleaning all the bottles and cans out of my boat I sat my net bucket on the ground that had my two new backup nets in it and drove off and left that rascal laying by the road in front of the dumpsters ... about $300 worth of brand new nets. I just totally got sick when I got home and seen that my bucket wasn't in the boat. Anyhow, we had a pretty nice day of fishing ... caught 20 fish by 12:30 and then had to stop and clean fish to make more room and then started fishing again and the fishing had changed ... we noticed a pretty stiff current ... displacement current ... from them opening the turbines up and most of the fish moved out on us by the time I'd gotten the fish cleaned so then I never got them figured out again ... we caught another nice one along with two smaller ones and then called it a day. Now, Back to this Tooter bidness ... He said he wasn't sure how he got that name ... I figured he may have had himself a shiny new flute when he was a toddler and he just loved tootin on his flute but then he allowed that he had a cousin named pooter so then I figured that the nickname musta came from something other than flute tootin. hahaha. had a lot of fun guys. 

Charles with his first nice one of the day about 8 lbs

Matt with the biggun of the day at 17 lbs

Here's the infamous "Tooter" with one of his fish ..bout 8 lbs

Charles and another 8 or 9 lb'r

12:30 pm and had to clean fish ... got 20 laying there

Matt with another nice 15 lb'r
Charles did a little cussin at him on this one hahaha

Carson with a nice 15 lb'r