Keystone Catfishing October 19, 2012

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Fished Keystone again and worked um over even though the wind didn't allow us to fish where we wanted to. We had to stay in a sheltered area but there was plenty of fish. Fished with Doug Swafford and his buddy, Jeff. Water was so rough that I thought I'd cracked my hull. the bilges were able to keep up plenty good enough because I've got a little redundancy set up with a back-up bilge in case the automatic one quits but instead of cracked hull it was just the overflow hose came loose from the livewell. hahaha. What a mess that became as I'll eplain the rest of it on tomorrow's page.

Doug with the first nice fish of the day.

Jeff with a nice blue

They limited out with 30 fish .. we through back some too
It was a really nice day despite the wind