Keystone Catfishing Oct 21, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

We started out kinda shakey today but I wasn't too worried ... the fish had to be out there sommers, I thought. You'd never guess where though. We caught most of today's catch in about the last hour. Then we had a 40 mph north wind blow the boat plum around and we had to get off the water ... man that was tough. we had the dog's bowl blow out of the boat and went to gather that up and then we started back to the ramp ... we took a nose dive into a rouge wave about 4 ft or better and would have filled the boat completely full of water but I hit reverse real quick and got the nose back out and then gunned it because we had another 4 or 5 footer coming up behind us and we got the boat about half full of water which was unnerving as all git out. soaked us all and we was in some trouble so I made a beeline for the west bank and was going to just run it aground but when we got over to the west side the waves weren't nearly as bad so I just started down along the edge of the shore working my way back to the ramp and the bilge pump wasn't quite punkin enough to get the boat bailed out but we were out of danger. the boat will still float even if it's full of water but it wouldn't have been good to be out there standing waist deep in 56 degree water with waves crashing over us about 4 ft.

Fish caught on fresh cut shad from live shad. Water temp 56 to 57 degrees. Wind 5 to 10 from several direction. Bottom float rig used on all poles. All fish caught in less than 5 ft of water. Biggest fish was a 15.1 lb blue caught by Debbie and the next biggest was an 11.14 caught by Ron and then several 8's with a total of 15 fish. Only fished about 3.5 hours before the front blasted in on use but all the fish were caught in the last hour of fishing except for two we caught early on. It took a while to establish a pattern today as we've had two fronts move in since I was out monday and it took a little while to locate the fish but once we did we kicked butt. It was constant FISH-ON!!! that last hour. I'd barely get sat down after tending a pole when we'd get another one on. then another and we had a few doubles and even one triple but the last one of the three was a small one ... we just got an 8 out of the net when we had the 11.14 coming in and then the smaller one. This was a birthday trip for Ron that his wife Debbie got for him. Hope you had a happy birthday Ron ... I know I enjoyed your birthday ... well all except for the boat full of water ... that was exciting though. Look at that like one of those extreme sports deals and it don't seem nearly as bad hahaha.

Debbie with a 15.1 lb blue.

Ron with an 11.14

Brandon with a nice 8 lb'r.

15 total.