Keystone Catfishing Oct 21, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Clonk, Move over ... there's a new fish caller in town! This is top secret stuff boyz n girlz, let me tell ya what! I'd have never believed it but it's true and works like a charm and I have these fish callers for sale for $19.95 plus $6.50 shipping and handling but I'll tell ya how to make ya one. I seen Marvin up front after Carroll said something to him he pulled the top off a pop bottle and started poking the lid with a knife and his leg was what he was using for a table at first and then it seems that he had a moment of clarity and then placed it on the floor of the boat. he bored himself a hole in the pop bottle lid and handed it to Carroll and then she turned around and said Tiny ... this is a fish call ... I scoffed at her at her statement and then she said the ones you can make out of the pop can tabs work a lot better though but this one will work ... then she proceeded to tell me how to use it ... she held it up to her lips and said "here fishy fishy fishy." a few minutes later we caught a fish ... then she done it again and we caught another one ... AMAZING HUH! ... now I hadda get me a pop and it had one of the tabs that she said worked better because you could fasten a string to the part that was formerly hooked to the can ... she also allowed that you use the thumb hole for calling through cause you can cut yer lip on the other end and with the string lanyard attached to the tab you can put it around your neck for handy's sake. what's amazing is that fish caller caught us a 20 lb flathead, a 14 lb bluecat and several 8+ blues and a couple 5's ... about 80lbs total fish today with just 8 fish or 9. now if you want to buy one from me send $25 to tiny at 52388 w 148th st s, Drumright, OK 74030 and I'll send ya one. hahaha.

We caught most of the fish during the first half of the fishing trip and then some clouds moved in on us and they shut off totally. Only thing we caught after the clouds moved in was one channel cat about 7 lbs. that was about 3 hours of fishing and no fish and Carroll had lost her fish caller so I popped the top on another can and handed it to her but the caller didn't help on the ... wait ... we did catch that channelcat after I popped the top on that can ... THAT'S JUST DOWN RIGHT AMAZING AIN'T IT! cut shad was the bait ... we tried live shad and cut bluegill as well but all we caught fish on was the cut shad. That little front put a halt to the fishing though. Supposed to bring a lot cooler weather in this week too. That will be a welcome change when that water gets down in the 60's the fish will start crankin out there. Great day fishin with some great folks. Thanks ya'll.

The two bigguns of the day. Nice catch! Love that fish caller!

Carroll's Flathead at 19 lbs 15 oz.

Marvin's biggun for the day at 14 lbs. It was actually 13+ but I think it was close to 14 if I membah krectly

Carroll with another nice one about 9 lbs

Total catch for the day. 8 fish that averaged just a little over 10 lbs each.