Oct 27, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

There's something I should say before you read this ... my wife is really very prissy acting and gets embarrassed easily ... you get a fishin pole in her hands and a fish on the line and it's a Dr Jeckel/Mr Hyde transformation almost ... I mean I've never met this woman and I've been married to her for 28 years.

I was gonna take my wife up the Cimarron River today to catch some big blues and maybe a flathead or two ... she just got her neck operated on not long ago and it still gives her quite a bit of trouble so I wasn't going to keep her out more than a couple of hours ... I tried to get up the cimarron but at pawnee cove the water is only about 8" deep by the sand island and I told her that if they let any water outta the dam we might get stuck up here .. she asked how long and I said until it rains again hahaha ... she came back to the captain's chair and grabbed me by the ear and twisted it real good and said "TURN AROUND, NOW!" I said but baby ... it might be like when we was kids again and we get stuck up river for a while it might be nice. member that time when we got Buddy's pickup stuck out by... she twisted harder on my ear and I hollered "OKAY ... OKAY, I'M TURNIN AROUND!" I guess she's lost all that wonderlust some years back hahaha. Well, now there's a change in plans and I seen some birds workin hard and we fished around them and located several fish.

I don't know if I can describe today's fishin trip accurately ... I was kickin myself for not taking the camcorder ... this was the first trip glenda went catfishin with me in the boat and it was absolutely the best time I've ever had fishing ... I got so tickled that my sides was hurting and I couldn't even function well enough to get the net on the second fish ... it was about twice the size of the first one and it wasn't hooked very good ... she didn't get the hook set on him and it was stuck precariously in the roof of it's mouth and I was laughin so hard that I couldn't do nuttin ... the fish was floppin around and glenda was screamin and when it fell off she said more cuss words in 1 minute than she has the whole 28 years we've been married ... I ain't kiddin neaner. there was a lull in the bites right after that and I said I think we should move and glenda said we ain't movin until I catch that little *#%#$@ again! I think the fish was out there all around us sayin "did you hear that language that gal was using?!!!?? I sure did and I never even heard some of those words before.". She went through this routine but in different ways every time she reeled a fish in and my sides were splitting. the biggest she got in was 6 lbs but she reeled in 12 in just under 2 hours and she'd almost cry when she missed one ... I think she may take over the guide business or may not let me leave the yard without her from now on hahaha.

She also made what I thought was a dumb statement and didn't really fit into what was goin on ... I was takin one outta the net when another pole took off and she throws the pole at me after she says here .... take this and the rod hits me in the head and she gets over to the pole and takes rod in hand and starts crankin and I get the previous fish in the livewell and turned around and getting ready to net the next one she allows "it's a good thing I took track in school"
now I'm thinkin this is kind of a dumb thing to say and I krinkle my nose up and say why's that? (I'm really thinkin that was a retarded comment) and she announces "cause I hadda jump over your big *#%@ to get to this fishin pole" and she did too ... I was laughin and tryin to take the fish outta the net and she hit me with the fishin pole and one footed the center console seat and landed like a cat on all fours and grabbed that fishin pole and done it in one smooth motion!

This is my wife, Glenda. This is the first fish of the day and she picked the rod up outta the holder and tried to set the hook but the fish pulled more than she did and she hollered "OH CRAAAAH YUUUP!" OH MY GOSH.... THIS IS A MONSTER! OH YEAH ... I GOTCHA NOW, GRACIE! OH YEAH .... OH NO HE'S GOIN UNDER THE BOAT ... OH NO ... I GOT HIM! OH YEAH .... GET THE NET DUMMY! she was holding it up for the picture and said hurry it's floppin and then it made some croakin noises and she held it out away from her and hollered OH MY GOSH IT'S MAKIN PIGGY NOISES!
3 lbs 13 oz
5 lbs 4oz
6 lbs 1 oz
12 total