Keystone Catfishing Oct 28, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a Great time with Stephen and Rusty. Two Navy men from Tinker. We had a great time but ole Stephen was acting like since Tiny was having such a good time that ole Tiny should be paying them to fish with um hahaha ... I'm like hey ... back the fun truck up a bit ... hahaha. nah, it was a really fun trip and Rusty had a biggun hit ... I seen it's tail and it's tail looked like it's tail alone weighed 10 lbs and we was whoppin and hollering and Rusty and I high 5'd each other ... just about when them hands slapped together that biggun came unbuttoned ... Tiny almost cried real tears by gawd ... that was heart breaking after the day we were having ... I knew the fish would probably be scattered really badly and that's the way we worked them ... fished one spot and got 3 to 4 bites and then move up some or back and get 3 or 4 more bites. It stayed like that most of the day due to that double whammy that we got yesterday when that dry front came from the west and then the northern hit right after that ... even the weather guys said this was an unusual weather pattern but we already knew what to expect so it worked out pretty good ... wish we'd have gotten a picture of that biggun though. I was trying some experimental rigs today also and I think I've got it figured out as to how I"m going to rig them up now ... just alter them a little from what I've got now and they should be good. I'm going to perfect them some and then I'll post them on the tips section when I've got the kinks ironed out. It was great fun guys.

15 total today with the biggest being 6 lbs 6 oz I think.