Keystone Catfishing October 28, 2012

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with Rick and Stacy Boydd today. My trip the day before called and allowed that he couldn't take his family out in that kind of cold and I said "not to worry. I wasn't that thrilled about it myself. hahaha" Anyhow, I no sooner than got all the rods set out today when all heck broke loose. We got three on at once and Tiny actually had to reel a fish in a ways but I only set the hook on it and then set it back in the holder so that Stacy could reel that one in as well. We had a super great time with the fish biting really well and Stacy was really fun to mess with ... Every time she'd get a bigger fish in the next fish had to be as big as the last one or it was then classified as a little one. hahaha. There near the end of the day they all seemed to be small ones unless they were 10 lbs or more ... hahaha. I think ole Tiny got her spoilted. Also the bigger the fish was the more she'd reel ... with the fish hanging in the air just a little bit she'd be cranking like crazy and the spool wouldn't be moving at all .. on one of them I was hollering "FASTER... FASTER!" she was really crankin on that rascal too, until she figured out that it wasn't going anywhere ... hahaha... she was like ... Oh ... you're just messing with me aren't ya ... I chuckled at her and allowed next time I'm getting a video of that ... I finally did get it figured out how to catch her on video but my old puter media progs won't deal with mp4 files so I can't edit to make it web-manageable. Lucked out on that one, Stacy ... hehehe.