Oct 4th catfishing pictures


Here's two fat cats ... the one holding the smaller one is over 400 lbs ... don't know bout the smaller one .. it was 46" long and the girth was 30.5 ... I only had one exposure left in the camera and I was gonna stringer all the fish I caught and just capture all of them on that one exp. but this one ruined my plans as I wasn't gonna put her on a stringer. I had a little girl take the picture for me and then I released this nice flatcat. It bit on a large shad head. I suspected it was flatcats giving me fits the night b4 so I rigged up a little different just to see and I pulled this one in confirming my thoughts on it. I tied on a 2/0 kahle hook and bent it so the hook would stick out the side more than normal and tied on a break-away rigged sinker so that it wouldn't hang up in the rocks and break hook out of dropper loop. It payed off in just about 10 minutes I hooked this one. Seems odd to me that the flatheads are biting this well on shad heads but they didn't start until that cold front moved in on the 3rd. Reeled this one in on 17# test line and 40# test shock line. Caught 7 all together Oct 4, 1999 four flatcat and 3 blues all weighing about 5 lbs average except for the one in the photo of course :)

Oct 3rd Pictures

Only managed to catch 4 fish today ... flatheads was tearing me and my tackle up and I wasn't really wanting to mess with them ... it was really cold and I was about to give myself a hernia tryin to get the bait out to where the fish were in sometimes 20 to 25 mph wind. The next night I hooked one that did the same thing to me hanging me in the rocks so I rigged up a little flatcat rig and you can see the results above.

All fish Caught today were released. SFCCI Logo "If you're not gonna eat it ..Release it."
About a 5# flatcat caught by youngest son Jesse
About a 4# blue caught by oldest son Tim
About an 8# blue caught by me
About a 2# blue caught by me
I don't know honey ... do you think my outfit makes me look fat? hehehe cold front moved in on me today and all we could find for me to wear was my son's feild jacket ... I almost had to have my arms amputated due to circulation cut off in my arms so long, it was about 50 sizes too small for me.