Oct 5th catfishing pictures

This is a friend of mine Pete Lee, First time we met he came down the steps and asked if anyone was catching any fish and one guy replied Tiny is catching some but no one else can cast to where he's casting and Pete said well where is he casting and the guy said he's casting over past where the open slueth gate is and Pete said Oh there's not a man alive that can cast that far ... one of the other fishermen there said that's nothing ... I've seen him cast clean accross this dam ... Pete said I'd buy a steak dinner for a man that showed me he could cast all the way accross this dam and I spoke up and said I am a little tired right now ... I could prolly hit out there where that jug is in front of #8 slueth gate though ... he said well I'll buy you a steak dinner if you can even hit close to that jug ... well lookin at me you can tell I've never passed up a steak dinner in my life so I accepted the challenge ... I stood up and grabbed my black 16810 fenwick and started swangin and WOOSH! I let her fly. Pete watched as the sinker was sailing through the air and then landed and Pete said "How do you want your potato with that .... Baked or Fried?"

These are the fish we'd caught for Charles and Pete ... They stayed longer than I did ... I started feeling a little rough
Charles Richmond holding a nice blue he'd just caught
I think I caught this little flathead right after it hatched