Oct 7th pictures

This is John Wilson a really great guy I'd got acquainted with on the oklahoma bulletin board ... we planned this fishin trip and everything online. Two of these photos are of the same fish but both were really great photos so I couldn't choose which one to put on so I put both on and left off a few others. Classic Photos... the light had went off and I couldn't see John and I said are you grinning? He said yeah I'm grinnin and I sed hold that pole up too and look like a fisherman he said okay ... Ill try to "LOOK" like one. hahaha he busted out laughin and that's when I got the picture ... it was a great shot.
We ended up catching about 6 between 2# to 8# which wasn't too bad but the corp shut down one turbine and that dropped the water level and it seemed like the fish was upset over it hehe. All catch & release except for two we gave to Charles Williams.
This is my good friend Charles Williams and Yes That fish actually bit on the hook ... I don't know it'll prolly go 5 lbs or so ... it just looks small