Oct 21st pictures

A guy was sitting there fishing this day and I walked down the steps and he said you might as well not even try it ... the fish aren't biting ... I said that's okay ... I just came to get outta the house for a while and to visit with my friends a little .. I rigged up one pole and threw it out and set it down and started rigging up the second one and the bait clicker took off on the pole I'd just thrown ... reeled in about a 8 lb blue ... the one in this top pic ... then threw it out again and wasn't long there was another one on and this was all b4 I could get second pole rigged up ... I reeled the next one in and it was 2.5 lbs and then threw out the second pole and it hooked a 10 1/2# blue and then I caught a striper ... caught all these in less than 45 minutes or so ... I quit fishing as I'd gotten my fix for the day ... shad was hard to catch also. I thought to myself though ... "Phew!! I'm sure glad them fish wasn't biting or they'd been jumpin up on the sidewalk to get my bait" hahaha it wasn't anything other than putting the bait where the fish were and using fresh bait ... their shad was old and pale looking and they weren't using heads but large hunks of shad fillets. All Catch and release except the striper ... I gave it to a friend of mine. The others got upset with me for throwing the fish back in and left after I quit fishin ... I visited a while with some other people and then went home myself.
This 10 1/2# blue was a mean rascal ... he kept biting me when I'd try to pick him up and it felt like someone was crushing my thumb with a pair of pliers ... bruised my thumb up pretty badly too ... I threw it back in and it almost took my glove with him... I hope I don't ever catch this one again hahaha
8 or 9# striper