ODWC Anchor

Tiny's Guide Service

I recently went on a trip with the Outdoor Oklahoma TV Show to shoot some segments for their upcoming catfishing show. This tips section addition I've decided to include because it may help some folks out. We were filming the show in very high wind conditions and I had tried all three of my anchors and all at the same time and none of them were holding. I had the 18 lb crab claw anchor out, my Danforth anchor and a 20 lb river anchor and none of them would bite into the hard surface that had been flooded over. We were trying to fish an area that was exposed to the air for several months and it was pretty hard so nothing I had would bite into the mud ... all of them would just skim over the top but the ODWC boat had an anchor that they'd made or had made that held very well ... this one is a copy of their anchor and I've tried it and it bites in when the Danforth won't. So, I went out and took some pictures and here it is and it's also a lot cheaper than store bought anchors and very light as well. the only drawback is it takes up some room in the boat. I don't know what to call it so I'm just going name it the ODWC anchor.

I've edited in the measurements to give a better idea of how to cut your 1/2 inch stock or 1/2 rebar. I made mine out of rebar because that's what I had.