Floyd & Jessie

This is my grandpa and grandma with one of the many big flathead he'd caught in his time.

Aunt ParaLee

ParaLee with a really biggun caught about 1961. Dadburned thang was just about as big as she was. I ain't sure how she was holding it up. She musta been wirey.


This is Tiny's Grandpa, Floyd Richardson, with another of his bigguns. This was his biggest at 72 lbs

Tiny's Biggest

Biggest I ever caught on Rod N Reel at 50.5 lbs. Caught it on a Surf rod using 14 lb test Shakespeare USA1 line with a 50 lb Ande shock leader, 2/0 baitholder hook and a grasshopper for bait.


My uncle Jerry White with a couple of fish.


This is my Grandmother Jessie's Brother Alvin. 1961


April and ParaLee in about 1990


This is a double Tiny caught Oct24, 1999. The one on the right was just over 30 lbs. Shoulda seen everyone freakin out when Tiny turned um loose.

Raymond Barlow

Raymond Barlow on the right and I forgot his gal's name


Bob Richardson with a couple of small flats back in the day

Buddy & Tim

this is my cousin buddy and I back in 1972.


This is Uncle Dwight Stone



Judy and Buddy. This is my aunt Judy holding up cousin Buddy ... he didn't much care for the fish I spose.


This is a collage of recent and old fishing trips out in the catfishing.tv boat and some old dam fishing pictures

Billy Don "Buddy" Richardson

with a flathead he'd caught on one of his lines

Floyd Richardson

Old fishing photos. Looks like grandpaw just got back from a long fishing trip, judging by his hairdoo hahaha