Random Family Pics etc.

Personal record at 50.5# blue caught late Aug, 1996 on 14# test line, 2/0 baitholder hook, and a yellow grasshopper for bait. Don't know what my biggest flathead is ... about 45 lbs. My middle son Donald Posing beside fish for scale.
If this one was a little fatter he'd have been a good one ... only weighed 26 lbs though.
This is my wife Glenda holding up a nice 8# blue
This is my middle son's first fishin trip by himself .. he caught this channel accross the road out of Buckeye Creek
This is my Grandfather Floyd Richardson with his Lifetime biggest catch of 72# on snagline out of Cushing Lake west of Cushing Oklahoma
The rod with the red handle was my best rod a 14' 16810 Fenwick ... that's the size of all my spinners except the blue Wrapped 16810 is a newer blank and not as stiff as the two older ones. ... I have casted it over 300 yds hitting the north wall behind Keystone dam ... I was showing off at Ft Gibson one day and broke it on the hand rail and haven't been able to find another like it