Tiny's Catfish fixins recipes

Some of my friends out at the dam asked me what is the best fixings to fix for catfish fries and I always fix the same thing when I have a big fish fry and that's Tiny's Baked Beans and Tater Salad. Here's kind of how to make um.

All the items are to taste as there is no set amount but I'll give you a rough idea of how much of each to use.

Tater Salad:

peal and chunk your taters up and boil them until they're just done ... don't overcook as they'll be too mushy

then I smash um up, do this however you like ... some folks like tater chunks in their tater salad but I always mash them up completely then put in about a cup of miracle whip to about a half gallon of mashed taters. little bit of mustard. (about a table spoon). half a cup to a cup of Vlasic sweet relish and chop up at least a whole sweet Vandalia onion in pretty small chunks and mix it all up ... taste it then and see what else it needs ... if it needs more miracle whip then put more in or relish or whatever ... remember it's going to taste a little tangier when it's just made and warm than it will after it's chilled so you want to make it a little louder than what it'd normally be ... then put it in the fridge and let it chill covered. don't leave it uncovered cause it'll kind of dry out on top... you can also add chopped boiled egg if you like or any other type stuff you like in your tater salad. my son likes celery seed in his but don't put very much of that cause it gets loud in a hurry.

Baked Beans:

get a gallon can of van de camp's pork n beans and I like a lot of bacon in mine so I usually use 5 lbs of bacon per gallon of pork n beans. Not the cheap old fashioned kind ... Wilson brand bacon is pretty good or any thin sliced lean bacon. First fry up the bacon in a large skillet on medium flame stirring it constantly so it don't get stiff ... don't have to stir it until it starts getting translucent but throw the whole 5 lbs or however much you use in the skillet and separate it with tongs or a fork as it heats up. then stir it around really often ... I usually stand over it stirring until it's getting browned real good but that takes patience and time but to do it right that's how ya do it. don't lay the strips out and fry them separately cause they'll get hard which really isn't a problem as it'll soften up in the beans but I like the bacon to be tender when it goes into the beans so I just stir the bacon around until it's done. chop up two bell peppers however fine you like ... you can also use the red ones if you want a little color and here's the secret to tiny's baked beans ... two jalapeno peppers chopped really fine ... two gives it a pretty good bite so if ya got kids one isn't so bad. Now open the pork n beans and pour them into a big bowl and put in brown sugar ... enough brown sugar so that it's nasty sweet ... we're talking sure enough sweet and we're going to counter that with the bacon and stuff later ... put in a little mustard and a little ketchup ... bout 3 tablespoons of mustard I guess and about a half cup to a cup of ketchup then stir well and taste it to see if it's really sweet ... you want it about like candy or a little less sweet and then put in all the other ingredients and stir um up in there along with about half a cup to 3/4 of a cup of the bacon grease. if you're worried about cholesterol you probably don't want to eat these beans hehehe. now after you got everything mixed into the beans, pour it into a very large baking pan and put in oven turn oven on to 225 to 250 degrees and let it cook overnight. all the ingredients will saturate into the beans when you cook um slow and that long ... you'll want to stir the beans probably twice during this time too.


I normally clean the fish up real good by cutting the red meat outta is and making sure all the gristle and stuff is off of it. This is so the wife likes it... I kind of like a little of the red meat on it. there's a few ways I fix the fish so here's a few ... I'll sometimes soak um in Louisiana hot sauce and then flower um and they're really good like that or just plain. Cut the fish into about 1 inch thick nuggets ... cut crossways I guess you'd call it then soak um in the hot sauce and let um sit for about 15 minutes. Then put them in the flour bowl with a lid on it and shake um up I like to let um sit in the flour a little and that'll draw moisture outta the fish making the flour kind of moist .. takes about 10 minutes for the hot sauce to saturate the flour and then shake um up again and then dunk um into 375 degree oil or shortening. I like to use shortening cause stuff like Crisco vegetable oil gives me heartburn. then when the fish starts to float wait about another minute or two and then remove and put them on a plate with a paper towel to soak up any excess oil. I also fry my plain fish the same way ... just leave out the hot sauce procedure ... you can also use corn meal ... I mix equal parts of corn meal and flour sometimes just depending on how crunchy I want it.