Distance Casting Rig

This is to do a little damage control on the article in the 2002 Catfish Insider Guide ... they made a few mistakes on the rigs and I thought a real need to go ahead and put it on the page ... been intending on doin it for a few years now, but procrastination got the better of me.

As you can see in this photo the 50 lb mono is ran through the insulation and tied to the sinker and the coat hanger is shoved into the insulation and then bent to form a little hook which is on the opposite side from the sinker ... this is where you'd fasten the hook when getting ready to cast so that the bait will fly right behind the sinker and increasing the casting distance by about 50 ft or so preventing helicoptoring effect ... the more a bait helecopters the less casting distance you can acheive. Friend of mine, Nick Meyers, gave me this idea (co-owner of Breakawayusa.com)

In this photo you see the holder after it's bent over and ready to use, right behind the sinker

This is the whole rig ... the swivel all the way to the left is where you tie your main line on ... the telephone wire holds the beads, swivel, up the line so that it's streamlined

Here's how it looks when the hook is on the holder as you will place the hook on the holder then pull down making the telephone wire slip down so that there's no loop to flop around making for a better cast.

Here's how the hook is held behind the sinker .... when you put bait on the hook you then hang it on the holder so that it doesn't catch any more air than possible.

This is how it looks when you're getting ready to cast.

When you hook a fish the swivel slides down to the sinker, as you can see in this photo, so that the sinker is held up off bottom between you and the fish and isn't likely to hang up in the rocks nearly as easily. And, here's where the telephone wire comes into play ... the wire wrapped around the main line of the rig holds the bead and swivel up the line and doesn't allow them to move down until there's pressure on line from a fish hitting. What happens then is the telephone wire allows the bead and swivel to slip down the line to the sinker so that the sinker is held up between the fish and you while you're reeling in and makes for a much smaller chance for the sinker to get hung in the rocks.