Tiny's Rod Building

Hi all ... I've been tieing a few rods for fishermen in Oklahoma and several have asked me for information on these rods... they are very expensive but well worth the extra money for the serious surf rod fisherman. These rods in the right hands will double your casting distance but they aren't for everyone. They are stout rods but they're light and originally designed for those large ocean fish that will test any man's equipment. I've found that these Breakaway 2pc/1pc rods are a dream come true for my type fishing. Fishing behind Keystone dam where fishing is tough and distance is the key to a successful days fishing. They fish really great and they will cast 600 ft very easily for me and I can throw them all day long due to the weight of the rod. They're about half the weight of my former Lamiglas Tuna rods and the old 16810 Fenwicks. If you're interrested in trying one let me know and I'll meet you at Keystone dam.

Here's an idea for some of you that are building your own surf rods and need some good handle material. I got some shrink tube from Radio Inc. in Tulsa and it protects the rods really well and easy to apply. Just heat it and it conforms and covers the rod however you want..... here's the link to some photos of how I did some of the shrink tube on two of my Breakaway rods.
Shrink Tube.