Sep 02, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

I was watching the water levels at Keystone on the computer and seen earlier that they'd shut off all the tainter gates. The water level was rising and I knew this would be an opportunity for me to put some fish in the freezer but it was midnight ... I dated it the second but I was actually fishing on the third ... I'm going again this evening so I'll have one to post for the 3rd too, most likely. Anyhow about midnight this morning I couldn't stand it any longer so I went into the bedroom and told Glenda that I was goin fishin. I headed out and caught some small shad ... that's all I could find and not many of them either and then headed to my fishin hole. I caught some small blues right off and a drum and decided to do some flathead fishing so I rigged up a carolina rig on one of my rods and hooked up one of those three pound blues to it after I'd cut his fins off. then rigged up a slip cork rig for the drum and never got a hit on the drum but I caught a little 10 lb flathead on the 3 lb bluecat. I told my cousin this morning that I thought the little flathead was jealous of the bluecat's piercing so he knocked him off the hook and took his place. There wasn't any way that flathead coulda swallowed that blue but he sure seemed to give it a good shot. I started fishing around 3am after catching bait and fished with two poles for bluecat and two for flathead. I only caught that one little flathead but really didn't have the right bait to be flathead fishin. I caught 12 all together.

This bluecat was 11 lbs 2 oz
Before I could get the 11 lb 2 off the hook and out of the net this one hit .. it's 21 lbs 14 oz .. I also caught another one right before these two and just got it in the livewell before the 11.2 hit .. that made about 40 lbs of fish in under 5 minutes. I seen that the line had got scuffed some after I took the 21.14 off and I was too tired to mess with re-rigging so I just baited up and threw back out. I ended up paying for it too cause I hooked one that was a lot bigger than the 21 lber and was trying to be gentle with it and had the drag backed off as far as I could have it to get it to move towards the boat but when the fish turned on me it snapped.
7 blues in the livewell .. average about 4 lbs ... I used two of the smaller ones for bait so there shoulda been 9 in there.
Here's the little 10 lb flathead that hit the 3 lb bluecat
This morning's trip made almost 5 gallons of fillets.