Tiny's Catfishing Photos September 2, 2016

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Fished with John and Shawn and their boys Brett and Tyler aka W.W. aka WiggleWart. hehehe... WW got a shadwilly tonight along with a fresh new nickname when he was holding onto a reel and said he was trying to hold it still but the rod was wiggling like crazy .. I said ya can't hold something still if you're a wiggle wart ... little bit later I though ... hey ... that'd be a great nickname for him ....W.W. for short. hehehe. Anyhow ... was a tough night of fishing ... all the fish were gathered up around fresh current coming into the lake but we couldn't get them to feed ... we found one spot that we caught most of the fish in just outside the current but that was about it.

WW with a nice one .. biggun of the night at 11 lbs

Shawn with a nice one

John and a nice channel

Brett and Tyler on a double


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