Keystone Catfishing Sept 05, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

My cousin Roy and I went scouting around today. Found a super large number of big blues and we stopped and got started fishing and caught a couple real quick and then the gar moved in on us. After that we pilfered around sandbass and striper fishing but that was about it. Roy hung a 24.15 lb spoonbill on his ultralite rig ... that was a hoot. I kept saying, You're not going to get it in and stuff like that and I'll be daggum if that rascal didn't wear out quick and come right to the boat. Water temp was 82.5 degrees and I told him had it been 70 degree water he'd have gotten spooled pretty quick. He allowed how it was his master fishermanship what landed that fish. I allowed how it was a cripple with half it's bill missing ... we photo'd it and cut it loose from some old line it had wrapped around what was left of it's bill and turned it loose. I caught a little flathead that I gut hooked really badly and wanted to go ahead and keep it since I'd ripped it's gut a little getting the hook out as it looked over 20 inches to me initially but when I stuck it on the measure deal on my ice chest it was only 19 3/4 inches long so we hadda turn it loose. It might survive but I doubt it ... I normally won't keep a flathead at all unless it's over 15 lbs or so.

11 lbs 3 oz

24.15 lbs spoonie