Keystone Catfishing Sept 06, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

My friday trip rescheduled to a couple weeks later so I decided to go do a little scouting today. Found lots of fish but couldn't figure out what was wrong with um. I fiddled around with some sandies and small striper and then went to catfishing about 5pm again and right as the sun was getting low they turned on like crazy ... I was fishing some rough area and getting hung up some and it was difficult to keep up with 2 rods when they started biting. biggest was 15 lbs 3 oz ... couple of 10's ... I lost the first two trying to net them with my little sandbass net ... they both hit just about the same time and I didn't have the big net out yet and it was all tangled up around my cleat and in my pole lights. after I lost the first two fish of about 7 and 8 lbs I got the net out and it was a good thing because the next one in the boat was 15.3 lbs then another double of 10 lb'rs .. one little flathead and another blue. then several around 4or5 and a couple of 3's. I did that for almost an hour and decided I was too give out to mess with putting the lights up as my stability was lacking somewhat ... I packed it up and went to the ramp and then home ... wife was going crazy cause I stayed out so late and she'd taken my cell phone with her so I was without a phone ... she allowed as how I coulda left a note ... my defense was that I didn't think I was going to be out that late ... time flies when you're having fun. hahaha.

Those little 3 lb'rs ain't look like much up against that 15 do they hahaha

Caught a double ... one flat and a blue .. both right at 10 lbs

Another 9 or 10 lb'r ... this was the last one I caught.