Keystone Catfishing September 6, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a blast today fishin with John and Jason from up northern Kansas and Nebraska. it was fun messin with ole John ... we caught lots of fish today and missed probably one or two that was probably fairly big but what was funny was ole John would seem to stress out more and more on each missed fish and then he allowed as how he thought ole Tiny was going to crucify him over that stuff on the web page hahaha. he wasn't all that worried about missing the fish but how it'd look on the web site after tiny done his write-up hahaha.. I didn't think I was that bad either ... most of it is just jokin and the party in the page gets the joke more so than every one else. but it was funny. the fish were biting fast and furious when we first started as we caught a quadruple and almost a quintuple but the 5th one came a little after the first 4 ... it was kind of hectic but I just kept baiting and throwing out like it was all in a day's work and John and Jason was havin a party. a fish reelin party. we didn't catch any bigguns today but we made up fer it in quantity. with 24 fish we kept and turned back a bunch ... some were small and others foul hooked so we hadda throw them back. Was a really nice day as far as the weather was concerned too .. we had to wait out a little storm before we launched the boat but that was all. wasn't too hot .. we got sprinkled on just enough to dawn our ponchos but then just about as soon as we got them out of the bags and unraveled and put on it quit. hahaha. Lots of fun!