Kaw Catfishing September 8, 2011

Tiny's Guide Service

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Had a great trip today, this was Chance's Bachelor party... he's getting hitched next week so his brother and friends took him out for a good time with ole Tiny. I told them about a similar trip which was a bachelorette party that went out with me ... they brought Tiny a thong and wanted me to dance fer um.... after some intense negotiations a deal was struck and I did a pole dance for um .... hahaha. We ended up catching 21 nice sized fish and I decided to offer them the chance to go look for some big fish but the trip was cut short after a fish nailed me with a 7/0 Kahle hook ... it first went into the thumb/palm and ripped out and then stuck all the way into my index finger. Like a real man, I just jerked the hook out but that ended up doing some kinda damage in there cause the pain just kept getting worse n worse so we had to go in. Cleaning fish was a real experience in that condition ..hahaha. Anyhow, we all survived the day and had a lot of fun. Thanks guys.

Chance with the first nice one of the morning.. bout 7 lbs

Chance with a 6 lb channel

Sam, Josh and Jake on a Triple of nice blues

Josh with the biggun of the day at 12 lbs

Sam with a 10 lb'r