Keystone Catfishing Sept 09, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Robert and Lynis Kelley this evening. I suggested to them that we should fish during the evening because the bigger fish were starting to bite after it starts to get dark ... It was almost like I'd predicted ... they started biting really good right at about 7 pm. First fish in the boat was the biggest and it was 11.15 lbs. We caught several nice ones. An 11.2 and one in the 10 lb range then a couple 8's and 6's with a total of 15 fish. Made a nice mess of fish. Robert and Lynis came down from Kansas. It was almost a perfect evening. was a little muggy but we didn't get fried by the sun. Everything worked out pretty great today ... even catching shad. I set a new time record for catching shad. went over and dropped the boat in the water at 3:55pm drove out to a point and threw the net and got about 120 or so large shad about 4" to 4.5" and loaded them in the bait tank and had the boat loaded back up, all by myself at 4:20PM. I wish it happened like that every time. Usually there's a bunch of culling of smaller shad to get the nice sized ones but I didn't cull but on small one that fell on the floor of the boat. We fished mostly cut bait but I set up two live bait rods and they worked pretty well but all we caught on live bait was channelcat and one big gar. we got a few other gar bites but mostly nice channelcat came on the live shad. all the bigger bluecat came in on cut bait. the top 5 fish averaged right at 10 lbs. Here's a pic of the one photo I got ... Robert's going to send me the photos he took when he gets around to it and I'll include them when I get them.

Robert with the first fish of the day and the biggest at 11.15 lbs