Keystone Catfishing September 11, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Doug and Jimmy Clayton today. It was miserable rain all day long ... well ... until we had to leave it was raining. The fish were slow to cooperate all day ... they bit slow and steady it seemed like as we caught 23 but right about the time we figured out just what they wanted and where they wanted it and how they wanted it, Doug got a call from someone what allowed he was needed at work. I mean right when we found the magic combo ... fish biting fast and furious kinda deal ... we hadda go. hahaha. We had a good time anyhow. biggest was about 10 lbs on down to about 2. I think the only way Doug and I could have been any wetter than what we was is if we'd have jumped in the lake ... dadburnt show-off Jimmy had Frogg Toggs ... he said ..hey Tiny ... you ever tried these frogg toggs out? ... I said I'd have me a pair if they made them my size. sure would be nice if anyone made a good rain suit that'd fit me. hahaha. I told Doug that I'm writing a letter to these bastards that made these damned ponchos cause they're supposed to be made for foul weather or at least attempt to keep a feller dry and the daggum snaps won't stay buttoned if there's a 2mph wind. hahaha.

Doug and Jimmy Clayton with today's catch of 22 blues, 1 channel